Chrysler 300 Xenon HID Kits

Chrysler 300 Xenon

Xenon light is a relatively new technology in lighting, proving to be brighter than most artificial lighting, including halogen, and even more cost- and energy-efficient, as well. Xenon light produces five times more light than Halogen lights, and lasts even ten times longer. It has now replaced Halogen bulbs in automobile headlights. It is preferred because the transition border between light and darkness of Xenon light is more defined than Halogen light, therefore there is much less light reflected from the headlights of an oncoming car using these bulbs and the glare doesn't disturb the drivers - unless they look directly at the light. This may only occur because drivers may not be accustomed yet to such bright, yet controlled, headlights.

Chrysler 300 Xenon HID KitIf you don't like an existing headlight and want to take advantage of xenon, you might find yourself doing this much easier by using a HID xenon kit. You simply attach into your automotive light so that you can achieve the same lighting quality that the likes of Porsche, Lexus, and BMW are know to exhibit. Professionals have proven that Chrysler 300 Xenon headlamp is a powerful tool it's three times clearer than the average lighting system. Its power lies behind the fact that it uses a mixture of xenon and other noble gases to light it up. As these gases get triggered by electrodes, the whitish blue lighting appears.

Because of the great benefits that HID xenon can give, most of today's newly furnished automobiles already come equipped with this lighting technology. Known lighting brands are also gearing themselves up to produce this kind of headlight product. Because of this demand to adapt to HID lights, the HID kits were created. It makes upgrading your old headlight into HID headlamp seamless and fit perfectly with your Chrysler 300. However, certain regulations should just be met beforehand to make sure that you do it safely and securely.

Chrysler 300 Hid XenonThe micro-discharge bulb is full of noble gases, of course including Xenon, and is unlike normal incandescent bulbs in that it does not have any filaments. Instead, it lights up when an arc is created between two electrodes of tungsten metal. Also called High Intensity Discharge lamps, or HID, Xenon light also comes with an electronic starter and a ballast to start up and maintain this arc and the resulting light. The ballast is important as it converts and manages the high energy that fills and supplies the bulbs with energy. The ballast also controls the flow of energy. Its built in tracking system regulates the energy levels and automatically shuts off when voltage threatens to escalate beyond acceptable levels. This ensures that the bulbs do not suddenly explode.

There are Halogen bulbs currently available in the market that have Xenon gas in them. This is not the same as Xenon HID bulbs, and will not save you money. Still basically Halogen bulbs, the light they give off is not as strong as HID bulbs, and will take even more power to operate them, resulting in more used up electricity. Make sure your bulbs are labeled "High Intensity Discharge" to get the full benefits of true Xenon light

One question asked by many Chrysler 300 owners concerning LED kits is what are LED headlights? It may be difficult to tell from its name exactly what a bi xenon headlights system is, but it is really quite simple. Most of the cars on the roads today make use of traditional halogen headlights systems. These are also known as quad headlights systems. This is because the entire headlights system consists of a total of four individual lamps. Bi xenon headlights refer to a certain headlights system set up using xenon headlights. The difference between bi xenon headlights setups and regular headlights setups is that, in bi xenon headlights setups, only two individual lamps are used. This is in contrast with regular headlights setups which, as explained above, make use of four individual lamps.

So if you want to fix your lighting or want to replace your Chrysler 300 headlights, it would be best to invest in HID xenon. It only consumes around 35 watts so that's a lot of battery saved for you. In spite of this, the HID xenon is also known to last for approximately 4,000 hours which is times eight than that of halogen headlights.