Chrysler 300 Rear Spoilers

Chrysler 300 Spoiler

Car spoilers are normally 'wing' like attachments that are found under the front bumper of the car or on the car's trunk. Rear spoilers are more common that front spoilers. A rear car spoiler gives your Chrysler 300 a beefy, sleek look. It makes it stand out in the crowd and can even increase the resale value of your car. However, the spoiler is attached not merely for its looks, though many people are not aware of this. At first, rear spoilers were attached to sports cars and racing cars only because of their special utility. Good spoilers can help racing cars accelerate and brake at will, turn smoothly and ride comfortably. However, these days, you find spoilers in passenger cars too.

Chrysler 300 Rear WingA Chrysler 300 spoiler is a great aerodynamic addition to your gig. A spoiler is so called because it 'spoils' the flow of air around the body of your car reducing lift and increasing drag. Or, you could say that the function of a spoiler is to reduce the tendency of the car to lift off the road when it is in motion. The spoiler is designed in such a manner as to provide a downforce to the car when in motion. This gives your car greater stability, better maneuverability and great traction. A rear spoiler for Chrysler 300 increases the contact between the road and tire, thus increasing safety and grip. Some rear spoilers even have break lights beading them. So, every time you apply the break, your rear spoilers will light up, alerting the driver behind you. Thus, these spoilers are a safety device too.

Cars have spoilers to increase their grip on the road. Normally the weight of a car is the only thing that forces the tires down onto the pavement. Without spoilers, the only way to increase the grip would be to increase the weight, or to change the compound the tire was made out of. The only problem with increasing the weight is that it doesn't help in turns, where you really want to grip. All that extra weight has inertia, which you have to overcome to turn, so increasing the weight doesn't help at all. The way the spoiler works is like an airplane wing, but upside down. The spoiler actually generates what's called 'down force' on the body of the car. The advantages of this can be seen very readily. Instead of having a heavy car, which is slow, or having a very light car, which can slide away easily, you now have a car that sticks better the faster it goes. Sounds perfect, right? There is one catch.

Chrysler 300 Spoiler Chrysler 300 spoiler is generally made of lightweight material like polyurethane, steel or fiberglass. High impact spoilers may even combine two or three materials. These materials are flexible, hardy and do not sag. Car spoilers come in different weights, so the mass they add to your vehicle varies. A good spoiler attached to the rear reduces resistance and enhances speed and performance. Attaching a rear car spoiler is not a tough task. This is because most spoilers come with sealing gaskets, which look like a sponge. Mounting bolts also come with the kit. Many kits are available for particular brands of cars. So, getting the right fit would not be a problem. However, many people like to leave installing of accessories to the experts, and for a good reason. If accessories are not installed properly, you could end up losing a lot of money. Worse, the body of your gleaming new car may bear silent witness to your juvenile attempts. If you fear this, it is better to get the spoiler attached by an expert.

A rear spoiler for your Chrysler 300 is pretty inexpensive. Even so, do not compromise on quality. Buy the right spoiler for your car even if it means shelling out a few extra dollars. Before you make the purchase, be sure to check out a number of shops and online stores. That way you can get competitive prices and excellent deals.