Power Stop Brake Pads & Kits – The Art of Braking

There is no vehicle or driver that won't benefit from Power Stop brake parts, as company offers stopping solutions for every application and driving style. Manufactured with performance in mind, Power Stop brake pads, rotors, calipers and hardware are problem solvers for the most tough brake tasks.

Power Stop Brake Kits

Rotors Brake KitPower Stop Complete Brake Kit selection ranges from performance sport and street to truck and tow brake. Every kits includes full set of brake pads, rotors, high-temperature lubricant and premium hardware for precise installation.

If you want to imorve braking performance of your daily driver without paying extra price, take a look at Power Stop 1-Click Autospecialty OE Replacement Brake Kit. Being intended for non-agressive street driving, this kit is built to the highest racetrack standards. It includes performance ceramic brake pads and OE replacement rotor. In 2016 Power Stop launched improved line of OE Replacement brake kits, that now also include performance brake calipers!

New kit can be purchased from one of Power Stops's distributors, such as CARiD.com. Check out Power Stop 1-Click Autospecialty OE Replacement Brake Kit page at CARiD to learn more about kit's features and warranty details. Regardless of where you buy your kit, online or in your local store, be sure to get it from official Power Stop dealer to enjoy premium quality of the genuine product!

Power Stop Brake Pads

Power Stop designs and manufactures the most progressive industry's ceramic brake pads, that feature wear resistant coating, better noise insulation and ease of installation. Additionally, they produce almost no dust during stopping, which means cleaner wheels and longer brakes lifespan.

Power Stop Brake Pads

Power Stop brake pads often outperform and outlast their semi metallic counterparts including your stock brake pads. Power Stop Eviolution is the most popular ceramic brake pads series of the company. For intense street driving and stopping there are Extreme series carbon-ceramic brake pads, that are made to operate on the peak performance levels.