Chrysler 300 Dash Kits

Chrysler 300 Dash Kits

When you look at the dash of your Chrysler 300, are you satisfied or you wish it were a little richer. If you like the finer things in life then you should have a wood dash in your car. This dash will give you the feeling that you are are behind the wheel of one of the finer cars in the world, like a Rolls Royce, a Bentley, Jaguar or other prestige automobile. There are so many reasons to upgrade your Chrysler 300 with a dash kit. These days most of us are more familiar with the interior of our vehicles that we are with our homes. We live in a society where transportation and commuting are a must. Take a minute right now and think about how much time you spend each day in your car. With that being said, it is not hard to see why you would want to invest in the interior of your Chrysler 300. Custom dash kits can be the single best upgrade you can make to your vehicle to give yourself newfound comfort in your vehicle.

Chrysler 300 Dash TrimThe major auto makers in Detroit must have stuck their collective color levers to 'bland'" and 'grey' settings over the last decade or so, leading their assembly lines to churn out nothing but barren interiors. A dash kit has the color, pattern, shape and style to reverse the factory-original curse plaguing most newer vehicles. Have you seen the price tag on that LTD, LX or Denali package including a custom dash kit these days? Well, if you havent, lets just say the window sticker lists the cost with a 20-year fixed. Compare that to our dash kits, which are shipped direct to your door at a fraction of the price. And, Chrysler 300 dash kits save you all that extra negotiating time with the cheesy sales lot guy.

The vibrant look, elegant style and simple installation of custom dash kits are all excellent features. But, its the fit that makes dash kits outstanding. Every curve, line, shape and accent of your specific model is taken into account when aftermarket manufacturers design custom dash kits for your Chrysler 300. Because the custom fit of most dash kits is of paramount importance, you can bank on yours looking like a factory original touch.

Chrysler 300 Dash KitTheres no easier luxury upgrade to install than a custom dash kit. Basically, if you can apply a bumper sticker to the back of your car, truck or sport utility vehicle (SUV), then you have the skills needed to install your own custom dash kit. Of course, you could always have your dash kit installed for you. But, theres nothing quite like telling a crowd of marveling friends that not only did you get a stunning dash kit for less, you even installed it yourself. A critical decision is how the wood dash kit is applied to your car. Some wood dash kits come with a double sided adhesives and this is what I would recommend. Other wood dash kits use adhesive which will you must apply. This can get a little messier and it may not hold quite as well because of gaps in the application.

The interior look of any car is very important. The interior of any car make impression same like the exterior of any car. The exterior is enhance for showing others and the interior is enhanced for own comfort. Nowadays, you can see that in most of the luxury vehicles have wooden interior finishes. Wooden Dash kits covers are famous more than anything in these days. The thin layered wooden Dash kits are coated with polyurethane. Polyurethane is used to give a shining finish on the wooden dash kits. For Chrysler 300 you will find different types of dash kits both in wooden and carbon fiber. These Dash kits covers doesn’t comes in any universal shape. They are especially designed for Chrysler 300.

As you can see, dash kits are a great way to invest your money. The class and style these kits bring are well worth every penny spent. If you are considering upgrading your current vehicle but just cant decide where to start, I would suggest a custom fit dash kit.